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We effectively engage your customers and seamlessly deliver your brand to the market

Technology & business are a combined strategy

We engage with our clients by listening, observing, and evaluating their supply chain operations. We take a tailored approach to understanding areas requiring performance improvement, we identify how we can increase efficiencies within those areas and we implement technology and processes that contribute to the financial health, growth and sustainability of your business.

Our goal is to assist you to increase your customer’s brand experience.

Our clients focus on their core businesses and trust us to manage the rest.

The marketing supply chain significantly impacts a company’s ability to effectively deliver its brand to market and to seamlessly engage its customers

Global studies have shown that companies can spend up to 35% of their marketing budgets on marketing supply chain operations and it has been estimated that up to 60% of a company’s marketing costs are related to nonproduct ancillary areas (distribution, people, freight, storage, obsolescence, technology, inventory management, etc.)

WaiveStar take a complete marketing supply chain approach, identifying inefficiencies and developing best business practices, to improve a client’s marketing supply chain process.

The strategic development process


The establishment and alignment of common goals and objectives. Our team will engage at a detailed level to enable us to have a thorough understanding of how we can assist our clients achieve their brand and marketing goals and objectives. Where cost savings and increased efficiencies can be found along the supply chain, adding value to our clients’ business model and brand strength to your customers.


Dedicated expert staff ensure our clients’ needs are met for quality, timeliness, and importantly, value. They are trained to recommend alternate products and solutions that will assist with marketing and brand awareness, increasing your credibility in the marketplace while delivering innovation and continued improvement.


Measurement of results will be generated and achieved through implementation of supply chain solutions, costs saved through delivery of services and how we made business easy for you.